Here are some videos from the NEWEST to the OLDEST just scroll down and ENJOY!:)

Here is playlist of our BADKAST = Saturday Live Streaming with Mike’s Badhuistheater Amsterdam:

We started our WEEKLY LIVE STREAM see the video:

THE ANIMALS ARE BACK in Amsterdam ;))     The Reckless Shakespeare Company at Badhuistheater     

Good Soldier Svejk trailer for 2020

Blue Dog music comedy 2019 Shakespeare “MEASURE FOR MEASURE” by ETG 2019 Good Soldier Svejk 2019 Michael Manicardi introducing ALLO ALLO ! 2019 Introducing the characters of ALLO ALLO ! 2019 new ALLO ALLO ! episode 2019 Carlos Trafic 2019 Theater Journey of ALLO 2019 ALLO ALLO ! 2019 Michael Manicardi roles in Blackadder 2019 ALLO ALLO ! 2018 ALLO ALLO ! 2018 Blackadder 2018 Entertaining Mr.Sloane 2018 Alive and Kicking music night with HOWITIZ band 2018 ALLO ALLO rehearsal 2017 Blackadder Goes Forth 2017 Christmas Bash 2017 MUSIC DAY PRAGUE-AMSTERDAM 2017 The Shadow and the Gunman 2016 “DOOM BEAUTY” (Zkaza Krasou) film premiere 2016 PRACH A BROKY (Dust and Shots) Czech movie premiere 2016 LIBERATION DAY feest on plein 2016 The Plough and the Star 2015 MOLDAU (Vltava) by PURPLE MANIA and STRING LADIES 2015 SHAKESPEARE KARAOKE – HAMLET 1 2015 The 39 Steps by Peter Wear 2015 Badhuistheater feest on the plein 2014 Juno and the Paycock 2014 NA STOJAKA V AMSTERDAMU – first Czech Stand Up in Amsterdam 2014 Theater Pleinen Festival Boerhaaveplein  2013 Welcome at the Mike’s Badhuistheater Amsterdam 2013 PSI VOJACI (Dogs Soldiers) 2013 Czeshoslovakian St.Nicholas event with Jaroslav Hutka 2013 Czechoslovakian St.Nicholas event 2012 Water bij de Wibaut 2011 Czechoslovakian St.Nicholas event with Jan Budar 2011 Ramses Shaffy at Badhuistheater 2007 Good Soldier Svejk 1994

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