BadhuisInternational English Theatre in Amsterdam.

Summer Stop and rebuilding Theatre.

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15 May Benefit GOGOL for Ukraine Great Success

May 5  Open air StreetTheatre.

PROOF Downstage Left

Here’s a Few Pictures and Videos of our 
                           mikes badhuistheater amsterdam
english theater amsterdam
                             Performing in Mike’s Badhuistheater
Clip/Trailer  Oost Online
mike's badhuistheater amsterdam

English theatre amsterdam

mikes badhuistheater amsterdam

english theater amsterdam

painting Jack Yeats THE RIDER

Our new adaptation “The Playgirl of The Western World”, is a classic Irish theatre play about a village that is disturbed by the arrival of an outsider. The show is translated into English from the original Irish-English (Hiberno-English) version.

english theater amsterdam

english theater amsterdam

On the west coast of County Mayo Christy Mahon stumbles into Flaherty’s tavern. There he claims that he is on the run because he killed his own father by driving a  Spade into his head. Flaherty praises Christy for his boldness, and Flaherty’s daughter (and the barmaid) Pegeen, falls in love with Christy, to the dismay of her betrothed, Shawn Keogh.


De nieuwe bewerking “The Playgirl of The Western World” is een geweldig toneelstuk over een stadje dat wordt verstoord door de komst van een buitenstaander. 

De voorstelling is Engels gesproken en een vertaling uit het Hiberno-Engels (Iers-Engels dialect).


Aan de westkust van County Mayo strompelt Christy Mahon de taverne van Flaherty binnen. Daar beweert hij dat hij op de vlucht is omdat hij zijn eigen vader heeft vermoord door een Schep in zijn hoofd te drijven. Flaherty prijst Christy voor zijn vrijmoedigheid en Flaherty’s dochter (en barmeisje), Pegeen, wordt verliefd op Christy, tot ontzetting van haar verloofde, Shawn Keogh.

Some Links from 2021

The “DUCK for Xmas ” Show  Dec 2020 was a great success, and different companies took part together at our theatre. 



english theatre amsterdam

On  1st August  we played our SPECIAL OPEN AIR SHOW Blackadder meets Circus Allo Allo  at Camping ZEEBURG.

english theatre amsterdam

english theater amsterdam

Link to REVIEW SVEJK Oost Online November 2019

COMEDY Shakespeare “Henry 5th and Fools “

One man Show Alex “Reckless” D. Baggett.


mike manicardi

mikes badhuistheater amsterdam


Part One  /  In France 1942

Rene is forced to send a Long distance Duck to England, with Hitler’s Invasion Plans.

english theatre amsterdam

mike’s badhuistheater amsterdam

Part Two / England South Coast 1942

Captain Mainwaring is rehearsing a Traditional English Folk dance to raise money

english theatre amsterdam

mike’s badhuistheater amsterdam

The actors of BadhuisInternational play French and English characters

on the same Night.!

Svejk english theatre amsterdam

Mikes badhuistheater Amsterdam


makes at least 4 -6   NEW full shows in English every year.

2018 ,2019, 2020  saw 16 SOLD OUT shows from our own company 

(see PhotoGallery on this website)

Entertaining Mr Sloane / Blackadder Part 2 .

English language theatre

Blackadder amsterdam

2019  ! The Good Soldier SVEJK Part 1  @  8 NEW Episodes of ALLO  ALLO.

svejk english theatre amsterdam

Mike’s badhuistheater Amsterdam

70%  of  our 60 SHOWS !  in 2019/20  were  SOLD OUT  Theatre Plays .

And More than 60% of the Theater’s income comes from Theater Tickets / @Horeca  from  BadhuisInternational . 

English theater Amsterdam

Reserve a  reduced Seat or Mail Us for Extra INFO :

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english theatre amsterdam

the good soldier svejk

Why “International”?

Because we are a truly international group.  Our actors come from the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Russia, Norway and Portugal.Poland , Hungary, Cyprus  Together with our Dutch, British, Afghan, Turkish, Brazilian and Czech stage crew we bring you great English language theater experiences.

english theatre amsterdam

Mike’s badhuistheater Amsterdam

But local too, right?

Yes! The Badhuis International invests in training up young and aspiring actors, and energizes our community by bringing younger and more mature actors together through English theater. The company TRAINS and workshops every week all year long.

michael manicardi

Mikes badhuistheater Amsterdam

What kind of English-language theater do you do?

We work to share the joys of English-language writers with our Dutch and international audience.

We perform classic English television comedies, Irish tragedies and much more.

And we remind people of the wonder of live theater.

Blackadder ! parts One and Two ,

‘Allo ‘Allo, plus the UNKNOWN episodes ,  Entertaining Mr. Sloane,

The Good Soldier SVEJK Part One.

Sean O’Casey’s Dublin trilogy (yep, all of them!),

Ulysees and Under Milk Wood.

english theater amsterdam

Entertaining Mr.Sloane promo

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