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Josef SVEJK in Czech 1915 til 1922

Svejk in English in Amsterdam

english theatre amsterdam

The Badhuis is the place for English theatre in Amsterdam. BadhuisInternational makes at least four full shows in English every year.

2018 saw 4 completely new Productions with at least 16 sold out performances .

And 2019 was even better with sold out performances every month.

English Spoken Repertory Theatre .


SVEJK    25,26 October (Dress rehearsals)  31 October,1,2,3 November .

English theatre amsterdam

SVEJK  from the novels by Jaroslav Hasek  ( 1883 – 1923) is a theatrical Adaption by Mike Manicardi performed by our own company BadhuisInternational.

Set in 1915 in Czechoslowakie at the end of the Austro Hungarian Empire. Jaroslav Hasek was a satirical genius in the Cz language.

25 years ago ,(when Mike made his first version ) the War in Yugoslavia was ending. Ionescu and Burt Lancaster had just died. Europe was very different.

Today 2019/2020 Europe again looks back at 100 years of its development and Future.

Reserve a  reduced Seat at a last dress Rehearsal on 25 and 26 October at 8.15pm

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From November 2018 till June 2019, Mikes Badhuistheater has had enormous success
playing 6 different Episodes from the first Pilot Series of ALLO ALLO.
The Best English Comedy Theatre in Amsterdam!
the good soldier svejk

mikes badhuistheater amsterdam

All tickets are exclusive 9% Btw and 1.50 euro ticket costs.
mikes badhuistheater amsterdam

english theatre amsterdam

ARCHIVEs in 2018 / 2019  we played  Entertaining MR. SLOANE, in MAY 2018   Parts 1 and  2 of BlackAdder GOES FORTH  (6 episodes )  July- November  2018 

and  : “The Unknown Episodes of ALLO ALLO ” (6 Episodes ) from December 2018 til September 2019.

All shows were sold out !

To say nothing of the other English Language productions in our Theatre.

And our Plans for  2020 are BIG !

Reduced Price Dress Rehearsal New Production.
mikes badhuistheater

english theater amsterdam

Why “International”?

Because we are a truly international group.  Our actors come from the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Russia, Norway and Portugal. Together with our Dutch, British, Afghan, Turkish, Brazilian and Czech stage crew we bring you great English language theatre experiences.

english theatre amsterdam

mikes badhuistheater amsterdam

But local too, right?

Yes! The Badhuis International invests in training up young and aspiring actors, and energizes our community by bringing younger and more mature actors together through English theater. The company TRAINS and workshops every week all year long.

michael manicardi

mikes badhuistheater amsterdam

What kind of English-language theater do you do?

We work to share the joys of English-language writers with our Dutch and international audience.

We perform classic English television comedies, Irish tragedies and much more.

And we remind people of the wonder of live theater.

We  have performed Blackadder ! parts One and Two ,

‘Allo ‘Allo, plus the UNKNOWN episodes ,  Entertaining Mr. Sloane,

O’Casey’s Dublin trilogy (yep, all of them!),

Ulysees and Under Milk Wood among others.

english theater amsterdam

mikes badhuistheater amsterdam

Our work

English Language theatre in Amsterdam

some videos from the last productions


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