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Donderdag, 29 Januari 2015

We have a new blog for our visitors, for extra information about cultural activities in our part of
Amsterdam. Please take part. You will find it at

We hebben een nieuw blog voor onze bezoekers, voor extra informatie over culturele activiteiten
in ons deel van Amsterdam. We zouden het leuk vinden als u meedoet en reactie achterlaat. U
vindt de blog hier:

Republic of Dreams A film by Michael Lasoff March 5, 8 pm
Donderdag, 29 Januari 2015

We are happy to announce the film viewing of “Republic of Dreams” by Michael Lasoff. Doors open
at 7.30 pm and the show begins at 8 pm. Entry 5 euros.

Sophia Ravel wants to be something in life but is thwarted by her father and sister. Trying to overcome
her self-doubts, an off-the wall New-Age therapist helps Sophia enter the puzzling world of her dreams.
Here she is confronted with fearful challenges at the stake of losing everything.

You can watch the trailer here

You can buy your tickets here

Merry Wives of Windsor March 10, 8.15 pm
Donderdag, 29 Januari 2015

The Merry Wives of Windsor is the most purely farcical of all of Shakespeare’s
plays. Sir John Falstaff conspires to seduce Mrs. Page and Mrs. Ford, the
wives of two prominent Windsor citizens. The women play along with him in
order to expose him as a preposterous lecher. Then, to complicate matters,
the insanely jealous Mr. Ford disguises himself as one “Mr. Brook” and hires
Falstaff to procure Mrs. Ford for him in order to (so he plans) reveal her
suspected infidelity…. What will this all lead to?

In the Shakespeare Karaoke style of the BADht our professor Will Sutton will
guide us through the scenes and we will all act together.

Don’t miss the Fun! Tickets available under 'TICKETS'.

Working Class Girls 26 + 27 Feb, 8:15 pm
Maandag, 29 December 2014

De getalenteerde spelers van het Amsterdam University College On Stage brengen, in het kader van
Women's week, hun nieuwe stuk 'Working Class Girls' naar Mike's Badhuistheater. Een verhaal over
de strijd om gelijke betaling van vrouwen in de autofabrieken in Engeland in de jaren '60 en '70.
Comedy en politieke strijd. Kaarten verkrijgbaar onder het kopje 'TICKETS'.

The talented players of the Amsterdam University College On Stage bring, as part of Women's week,
their new play 'Working Class Girls' to Mike's Badhuistheater. A story about the struggle for equal
payment for women in the car factories in 
England in the 60's and 70's. Comic Agit Prop
Tickets available under 'TICKETS'.

Burns Campfire Night 25 Jan 2015 19:00 h
Donderdag, 11 December 2014

Robert Burns (born 1759), also known as Robbie Burns, is
the Scottish national poet.

Each year, there are celebrations all over the world in his honour. 
Food, whiskey, music and poetry. (Yes.. there might even be 
Haggis as well!) He was a nationalist and a poet. And Burns 
became the "people's poet" of Russia! His 
short life was very full.
Poverty and Emigration. On the morning of July 21 
Burns died in Dumfries, at the age of 37. The funeral took place 
on Monday 
25th of July 1796, the day that his son Maxwell was born.

Through his twelve children, Burns has over 600 living descendants.

The Selkirk Grace (read at the Burns Night celebration):

Some hae meat and canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it;
But we hae meat, and we can eat,
And sae let the Lord be thankit.

Tickets and food can be reserved on the website and via email:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Jij bent de regisseur! 20 feb 20:15
Donderdag, 12 Februari 2015
Improvisatie theater: Jij bent de regisseur!
De moeder van Wim speelt ´follow the leaver´

Na twee spetterende improvisatie battles staat De Moeder van Wim
dit keer in het Badhuistheater met een bijzonder avondvullend programma.
improvisatietoneelgezelschap speelt op 20 februari ´Follow the leaver´:
een bijzondere verzameling sketches waarbij het publiek de regisseur is. 
Net als de eerdere optredens ontstaat ook deze show pas on stage, alles
is volledig 
geïmproviseerd. Heb je zin in een spontane, gekke, bizarre en
spectaculaire avond waarbij je zelf bepaalt wat je te zien krijgt? Kom dan
op 20 februari naar De Moeder van Wim in het Badhuistheater! Kaarten
via deze website (kopje Tickets) of aan de deur.
Last Tickets.CAFE NOIR Sat 10 Jan 8.15
Donderdag, 08 Januari 2015

SAT 10 JAN 8.15 pm. InPlayers  ONE NITE ONLY.

Comedy ,Murder, Musical . CAFE NOIR  ,

by Public last Show !



Twelfth Nite Karaoke 6 Jan 8.15 pm
Maandag, 08 December 2014

Twelfth Night is a feast night
to end the feasts of Xmas

Xmas is a peak time for Fun and emotional Crisis

The Twelfth Night was the last chance to enjoy the excesses 
of party’s at the peak of winter and darkness. It was considered 
bad luck to leave decorations and candles 
after the 6th of January.
At the same time...the play that Wil Shakie wrote is a love story on
different levels. Comedy and cruel bullying. Love between the sexes, 
intentionally and confusing..
Boys and boys and girls and girls, and boys and girls. Getting dressed 
up and 
confused with the masques. Who is in love with who? 
That’s the plot. 
In the Shakespeare Karaoke style of the BADht our Professor Will Sutton 
will guide 
us through the scenes and we will all act together. 
Don’t miss the Fun!

Vegan food is available before the show at 7, but you must book. 
(Call 06 11173324 or send an email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Bah Humbug !!! friday 4pm and 8.15pm
Maandag, 15 December 2014


A Christmas Carol - 19 Dec 8:15 pm and 4 pm matinee
Maandag, 03 November 2014

Theaterworks Amsterdam



A Christmas Carol

A (very) live reading


December 19th, 2014

matinee 4pm and 8:15PM

at Mike’s Badhuistheater,(Google)  Boerhaaveplein 28, 1091 AT Amsterdam, Netherlands

You've seen the movie, sung along to the you can hear the book! 
Theaterworks Amsterdam presents a "Readers Theater" version of Charles Dickens’
original novella.  If you think you know this classic morality tale, think again!
A first rate ghost story that will make you shiver in your boots, it’s also a heart-warming
story of redemption and love. 
Laughter, tears, and a lesson to us all -a classic
Theaterworks Amsterdam mix!

This (very) live reading features William Sutton as everybody’s favourite
curmudgeon Scrooge. It also features Victoria Pope as the narrator of this beloved
classic, and the voices of Stuart Idell (8:15pm), Luka LemstraNicole Mischler, 
Ben Silburn (4pm) and Teri Vakaki. Special guests Joy Rohrbach and the
 a Capella group ‘Comfort and Joy’ will add to the holiday spirit with Christmas
carols after the 8:15pm show.


Edited and directed by Donna M. DuCarme, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is
presented in the original English, and is recommended for ages 12 and up.


Tickets are 10 euros (5 euros for visitors 15 and younger at the 4pm show) and
can be purchased via the theatre website: via 

visit: Or write to: Donna DuCarme via:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ultimate Christmas-Party 20 Dec 20:15 uur
Maandag, 03 November 2014

Feest met diner vooraf (vanaf 18:30 uur). Er zullen o.a. een schitterend ChristmasCarol koor
optreden en een nieuwe samenstelling van de ACCUfanfare. Presentator Maarten Vos zal de 
avond aan elkaar praten.
Kaarten via de website

InPlayers presents Murder at Café Noir 11 - 14 Dec 8:15 pm
Maandag, 03 November 2014

Café Noir, Mustique. a musical murder comedy !

A cabaret club where the dishonest can be honest about it;
A place stuck in a black and white era where everyone and everything seems
to have fallen out of a 1940s movie;

Where the only colour is the blues of the music and the shades of the cocktails.
Where the owner of the Cafe Noir was washed ashore, murdered, last night.

 Rick Archer, P.I., out to find a curvaceous runaway on the forgotten island of
Mustique, walks into the club in pursuit of his target when suddenly a shot rings out!
Rick must employ his hard boiled talents to find the killer. Was it Madame,
the club manager, the voodoo priestess, the shyster British attorney,
the black marketer, the blackmailer, the weapons runner or the femme fatale?

Join Rick, and the characters of Café Noir, to experience the mystery and find
the guilty party. Add to the atmosphere, come glamorous in black and white.

Cast list

Christine Blakeley, Cristina Rotariu, Desiree Scholten, Freek Wouters,
Joao Calado, Keith Day, Ken Kitchen, Oskar Smith, Alex McKenzie, Terrence Sinclair.

With the Vocal Talents of:
Frieda Jacobowitz , Anastasia Reshetnikova, Ana María Echavarría, Iryna Garkushyna 

and the Dancing Talents of:
Patrick Schoonderbeek, Janneke Noordstra

Directed by
Alex McKenzie & Terrence Sinclair

In Players present Murder at Café Noir by David Landau and Nikki Stern
Being performed at (google) Mike’s Badhuistheater,
Boerhaaveplein 28, 1091AT Amsterdam

Dec 11th 20:15
Dec 12th 20:15
Dec 13th 15:00 & 20:15
Dec 14th 20:15

Tickets cost €15 / €13 concession & InPlayers Members

Tickets available online.

Czech Christmas show: Mikulas 29 nov
Maandag, 03 November 2014

zaterdag 29 november – aanvang: 17:00 uur (gratis voor
kinderen), om 20:30 uur start band/theater

Elk jaar brengen onze Tsjechische medebewoners van Amsterdam een fantastisch 
theaterfeest voor kinderen en volwassenen, gebaseerd op het Oost-Europese idee 
van de kerstkarakters. 
Mikulas - Tjechisch ritueel voor het hele gezin
17.00 Gratis kindertheatervoorstelling (4+) met sinterklaas, die aan het eind 
beslist welke kinderen wel en niet lief zijn geweest.
Aansluitend traditioneel Tjechisch eten & drinken.

Tickets voor het avondprogramma vanaf 20:30 uur (voor volwassenen) 
te verkrijgen op De voorstelling om 17:00 uur is gratis. 

CZ Xmas PARTY Saterday from 5pm
Vrijdag, 28 November 2014

Dinsdag, 11 November 2014

SP Onderwijs debat 28 nov Vrij 8pm
Zaterdag, 08 November 2014



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