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09 / 12 / 2022 - 8.15pm
10 / 12 / 2022 - 8.15pm

Het Badhuistheater

SOLD OUT ENGLISH Version of Chekhov’s  “The SEAGULL”.


Cast Includes : Jackie Poplar as Madame Arkadina

In a new Translation /adaption by Charlie Bird.

co-directed by Charlie Bird and Chiara Piacenza.

Set in a rural Russian estate – aging actress Irina Arkadina clashes with her idealist son Konstantin, who pines after the local girl and ambitious budding actress Nina, who in turn is fascinated by the renowned playwright Trigorin…
This tender web of relationships could make a spider wrought with jealousy.

The play, is within the play.
Dreams are both fact and fiction

All of Chekhovs favourite characters struggle with their life problems, financial , emotional, and  social ;  stuck in an old Russian Farmhouse in the country a few years before the revolution. Debating what is good and bad in life .

Looking forward to this classic absurd and timeless comedy

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