Shakespeare. RECKLESS S. Company . “Loves Labour Lost” English spoken theatre.

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21 / 02 / 2020 - 20:15

Het Badhuistheater
english theatre amsterdam

the english theatre amsterdam

English Theatre in Amsterdam

Alex Baggett’ s Brainchild : the RSC will be performing its third production. LOVES Labour LOST. The Reckless Shakespeare Company operates through a simple philosophy: “If you can’t find it, then you’ve got to make it yourself!” Amsterdam has a vibrant community of English speakers, whether they are the 90% of native Dutch who are fluent in English or the tens of thousands of English-speaking ex-pats who call this beautiful city home. RSC’s purpose is to provide a fun, fast Shakespeare for the masses. Our premise is simple: Serious actors, no director, one rehearsal, in 90-minutes or less. GREAT FUN !


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