ONE ACT music and Theatre CampFire

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Event date(s):
31 / 08 / 2019 - 19:00

Het Badhuistheater


english theatre amsterdam

english speaking theatre amsterdam



A Super CampFire Nite.Starting at 7 outside with the A-MeeZing Party Band o.l.v


english speaking theatre amsterdam

then we come inside for 30 minutes of theatre.

Carlos Trafic plays comic and theatre for 50 years. Today we celebrate his performance with Jos and the ACCU Dogtroup
A-MeeZing Party Band.
English speaking theatre amsterdam

After Carlos Show we have live and also dance music.

A great Campfire Comedy and Live Band / Saterday Nite Dance

By our Master of Theatrical Disaster CARLOS TRAFIC performing pieces from

his ONe ManShow IL LAMENTO..

english theatre amsterdam

mikes badhuistheater amsterdam


the nite will continue to late with  Special and Surprise  Performances.

Not to be Missed ! 5 euro entree

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