FILM Premiere ! “SALINGER’S 2 Dark MUSES” by Mike Lasoff

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20 / 09 / 2019 - 20:00

Het Badhuistheater

mike lasoff at Mikes badhuistheater amsterdam

Premiere of Mike Lasoff’s New Film. 120 minutes. with Intermission.



Mike Lasoff ”

“What kind of poet gets killed by poetry?” Poor unknown poet Vincent Salinger (Denis Burke) has to deal with a lot of questions from Zarina Kovaks (Borislava Todorovaa) or questions like, “Do you know what love is?” from Marta Radu (Delphine Ural). Who would trust these two muses? You can judge for yourself by coming to see the premiere of “Salinger’s Two Dark Muses”, my new black Rom/com at Michael Manicardi’s (Mike’s Badhuistheater on Friday night Sept 20th.

The show begins at 8 pm
Doors open at 7.30 pm
For ticket information and/or reservations please follow the Michael Manicardi’s Badhuistheater link.

More Info : coming soon.

English Spoken /Dutch Subtitles

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“I’m a monogamous poet in love with two women” – Vincent Salinger

Filmmaker Michael Lasoff is an American expat living in Holland. He has since 2014 exchanged his role in life as a successful painter to become a genuinely independent filmmaker. Lasoff writes, directs, shoots and edits his work. His close collaboration and continued success with film showings at the Badhuistheater will be crowned with his return at Mike’s Badhuistheater FRIDAY night SEPT 20th at 7.30 pm for the premiere of his fifth feature film, “Salinger’s Two Dark Muses”, a black comedy inspired by Goethe’s “Faust”, the literary hoax poetry of Ern Malley, Shelley’s “Frankenstein” and his own earlier encounters with the insane world of amateur poets.

In this weirdly RomCom-gone-wrong, visitors will recognize many of the actors and actresses from earlier Badhuistheater productions. Among the colorful characters is leading actor Denis Burke who plays the cool, edgy yet insecure and uninspired poet, Vincent Salinger, tormented with an unfulfilled desire for poetic inspiration. A revolutionary poetic movement called “Raging Pelicans” is born and led by Vincent and his would-be poet friends, Julian Clavell (Keith F Day), a sensitive but emotionally unstable writer and Mark Quinn (Rogier Bak), a revolutionary simpleton bent on conquering the world with poetry. Still lacking stimulus, enter the nutcase Mephistopheles, W.S. Flint (Oski Fridstrand). This new and quasi-demonic friend specializes in guiding and misguiding Vincent, raising confusion wherever possible and introducing Vince to his first muse, Zarina Kovacs (Borislava Todorova). She is an intellectual escort girl: clever, sexy and occasionally salted with a very bad humor. Zarina thinks up a plan to create a hoax that will revenge Vince upon Delores Ashley (Lorena Ciubotaru) his former quirky publisher who has just shunned his work. Delores can’t read or dance but loves to do both. Things become more complicated when a second rival muse Marta Radu (Delphine Ural) a media artist from “La France” meets and falls in love with Vince. Marta is torn between purity and a big secret that’s quelling her. When monster poet, Edward Mackerel (Herman Duchenne), garbage collector, genius or perhaps someone or something else, materializes out of nowhere to turn the literary hoax back upon Vince, havoc explodes.

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