‘Volcanic Heaven’ filmpremiere Mike Lasoff

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Event date(s):
07 / 07 / 2017 - 20:00

Het Badhuistheater

A new English-spoken feature film
written and directed by
Michael Lasoff

The Story
When unbalanced artist, Nicole Savage, gets thrown out of her own show, she fanatically organizes off-the-wall projects to blacken her dealer’s reputation. Craving attention, her plans are suddenly interrupted by the reappearance of her former husband who challenges Nicole to face secrets about her new lover that could unleash total insanity.

Biography of the filmmaker
After being a professional painter all his life, European-based American Michael Lasoff turned to filmmaking in 2011. The scripts and most of the music scores are his own creations. His past two feature films were shown, nominated and/or awarded in several international film festivals, cinemas, symposiums or juried screenings. Lasoff’s third feature film “Volcanic Heaven” which he considers both a “comic drama” and a “dramatic comedy” will be premiered at the Badhuistheater on Saturday Amsterdam July 7th

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